HAPPY FEET: Ambrose State School students will have somewhere to sit.
HAPPY FEET: Ambrose State School students will have somewhere to sit. Contributed

Ambrose school receives grant of $5000 for new seats

WELCOME news came to Ambrose State School on Wednesday, where children huddled undercover at lunch-break to avoid the rain.

The Observer broke the announcement to the school's Parents and Citizens Association president Helen Creed that the school was successful in receiving a state government grant of $5000.

Ms Creed said the money will be used for much-needed seating benches.

"We have a hundred students in a 15m x 9m space having lunch, all sitting on the concrete because there's not enough seating," she said.

Ms Creed, who has been part of the P&C for about six years, compiled the application for the Caring for Our Communities program a few months ago.

"Our school has almost doubled in size in the last three years," she said.

"The children don't have enough seating for lunches and parades.

"Without support like this, small schools and other sporting and non-profit organisations would find it very hard to get funding."

The benches will be aluminium, due to the effects of salty bore water used at the school.

A quote from Brisbane's Felton Industries indicates each portable bench will cost about $500 each.

Queensland Communities Minister Tracy Davis said this first round of the $4 million grants program to schools delivered on a Newman Government election promise.

"(It's) all about lending a helping hand to our hard working community organisations," she said.