POUR ONE OUT: The team at Criterion Hotel are frothing their new beer.
POUR ONE OUT: The team at Criterion Hotel are frothing their new beer. Bianca Hrovat

Always wanted to try astronaut beer? Here's your chance

GET ready to pour out a cold one at next Friday night, when liquid nitrogen beer arrives in Warwick.

The Vostok Space Beer, designed for astronauts, is one of eight craft beers on offer at the Criterion's Craft Beer Tasting.

The industry is one of the fastest growing in Australia, with a new craft beer brewery opening every six days across the country.

The tasting aims to showcase a snapshot of the industry, offering new releases it may be difficult to find elsewhere.

With a 200 per cent increase in producers over the past seven years, it's the kind of boom a small town could stand to benefit from.

Warwick residents are invited to join the modern day gold rush at the event held from 6 - 9pm June 28.

Criterion Hotel manager Valerie Prentice said their last sell-out event had everyone from enthusiasts to newbies excited.

"Even brewers themselves come to ask questions," she said.

"People try things they'd never try and learn things they never knew.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for people to dip their toes into the world of craft beer."

A "Beer Bear" from the United Kingdom will share knowledge acquired from years within the European craft beer industry, taking punters on a journey from simple and mild ales to hearty, complex stouts.

"There's a path he takes you on, step by step," she said.

"You've got to get your palate ready before you hit anything mind-blowing."

The experience aims to be both delicious and educational, with plenty of beer history to keep punters frothing.

To get involved hop along to the the Criterion Hotel where tickets are selling for $20, with the full amount redeemable during a private cellar experience after the tasting.