Last week’s double fatal stabbing at Alva has brought a focus on crime in the Burdekin. Picture: Zak Simmonds
Last week’s double fatal stabbing at Alva has brought a focus on crime in the Burdekin. Picture: Zak Simmonds

Alva stabbings not the only crime in the Burdekin

CRIME in Ayr, which has already hit a record high this year, could be much worse than it looks.

Burdekin MP Dale Last said there was a slew of offences, particularly property crime, that went unreported.

"We suspect that there's a lot more crime happening down there than what's being reported, and anecdotally that's what I'm hearing," he said.

"What we're saying is we need the community to report all offences where they require police assistance.

"If you are mounting a case for additional policing resources, then obviously the first port of calls for the Queensland Police Service would be a statistical analysis, that's why it's so important that members of the community report every incident to the police."

Mr Last's comments come after reports it took 50 minutes for police to respond to a triple-0 call for help at Dean Webber's home in Alva Beach last Monday morning.

When officers arrived at the Topton St address, two men - Corey Christensen, 37, and Tom Davy, 27 - were found bleeding to death from stab wounds.

Mr Webber, 19, has since been whisked away from the sleepy beachside town by his family, after the slim built teen was released without charge.

Former RSPCA Townsville worker Candice Locke, 29, remains in hospital for a badly dislocated shoulder. It is understood she has since undergone extensive surgery and will hopefully be released by the end of the week.

"We had that incident in Alva Beach were there was a 50 minute delay in the response by a police officers to a triple-0 call and that's not good enough," Mr Last said.

"We need to make sure that we've got sufficient officers rostered on duty across all shifts to provide a response if required.

"If we need more police officers in places like the Burdekin to ensure a swifter response, then so be it."

Queensland Police Service statistics reveal 167 offences were committed in the Ayr division in July 2018, the highest month for crime since digital records became available in 2001.

A spokesman for Police Minister Mark Ryan's office said the Police Commissioner would be supported if he requested additional resources in Ayr.

"QPS utilises a flexible policing model which allows officers to be deployed to areas of greatest operational priority," he said.

"Local police numbers are supported by additional district-based resources including specialist units such as Tactical Crime Units, Road Policing Command and the Dog Squad.

"At the recent community forum the people of Ayr made it very clear they are passionate and proactive about crime prevention, seeking solutions and initiating dialogue with the QPS."