Gladstone's aluminium refineries could get exemption: Beers

ZAC Beers has hit back at senator Matt Canavan's comments that a Labor government would send Gladstone's aluminium industry offshore by saying Labor's policy was about creating industries not wrecking them.

Liberal senator Mr Canavan said last night at a politics in the pub session that Labor's renewable energy target of 50% by 2030 was the biggest risk facing the aluminium industry.

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FILE PHOTO: Zac and Tony Beers, AWU officials.
FILE PHOTO: Zac and Tony Beers, AWU officials. Kerry Thomas GLA250511CEME

But Labor's Flynn candidate has said the 100% exemption that Queensland Alumina Limited, Rio Tinto Yarwun and Boyne Smelters Limited currently had was not off the table if Labor won the July 2 election.

"Our policy isn't about wrecking existing industries but about creating new ones," he said.

"If the Labor party was elected we would engage in an extensive consultation process with related stakeholders of those industries and design a process that would support them being competitive while working towards those (renewable energy) targets."

Through the "extensive discussions and consultations" with the industry stakeholders, they are able to try and secure the 100% exemptions but they won't be able to do that until after the election.