Allison Baden-Clay.
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Allison Baden-Clay blasted husband for 'boy's fantasy'

BEFORE she was murdered, Allison Baden-Clay lambasted her husband, Gerard, for "the complete destruction of the trust I thought we had" after learning of his affair with a colleague.

The Seven Network's Sunday Night program aired details of a letter Mrs Baden-Clay wrote to her husband, describing her "complete disbelief" about Gerard's affair with fellow real estate agent, Toni McHugh.

"What you had with her was not real," Mrs Baden-Clay wrote. "It was a boy's fantasy with an adrenaline rush every time you were sneaking about.

"You never, ever lived a reality with her. You were never with her when she had broken sleep for years on end as her children were little and she was breastfeeding. You only used her breasts for other f***ing reasons.

"You only saw her when she had washed her hair, shaved her bikini line, put her good undies on and was ready for her lover. That makes me bitter."

Despite her frustration, Mrs Baden-Clay wanted to save her marriage and made a list of things he could do.

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