Alleged bikie in court over seven-minute curfew breach

A LAWYER acting on behalf of an alleged Mongol bikie who breached curfew by seven minutes has sensationally sprayed police in court.

Victor John Reuben Wolfram appeared in Southport Magistrates Court yesterday after breaching his 8pm to 6am curfew, outlined in strict bail conditions, by seven minutes.

Officers conducted a bail check at 8pm on January 28 and found he wasn't at his Biggera Waters property. His partner said he had gone downstairs to look for his ankle bracelet charger.

Some time later he arrived back at the property carrying groceries with another man and no charger, police claimed.

Victor John Reuben Wolfram. Picture: Facebook
Victor John Reuben Wolfram. Picture: Facebook

But a furious Michael Gatenby, of Gatenby Criminal Lawyers, said he was merely seven minutes late and his client had to spend a night in custody after officers didn't take action for a week.

He claims police then indicated on Wednesday they would apply to revoke his bail. This did not go ahead.

"They (the officers) decide to take no action for being seven minutes late," he said. "The police officers from Brisbane came down last night (Wednesday) to serve a consorting notice on this man and arrested him."

He described it as a "disgraceful" abuse of process.

Mr Gatenby said he would have "firm words" with the investigating police.

Magistrate Mark Howden said: "I'm not privy to why they acted the way that they did, but you pleaded guilty on the basis that you were seven minutes late.

"Staying in custody overnight is more than sufficient for that."

Wolfram is on bail for multiple charges including possessing dangerous drugs and possessing weapons.