CAR FIRE: Fire crews were called to a car fire on Moreton Street, Dalby in the early hours of the morning.
CAR FIRE: Fire crews were called to a car fire on Moreton Street, Dalby in the early hours of the morning. Darren Taylor

NAMED: Man accused of lighting fires granted bail

AS BUSHFIRES continue to wreak havoc across the state, a Dalby man, 37, has faced court on seven counts of lighting unauthorised fires.

Barney Ronald Charles Delaney has appeared in custody at Dalby Magistrates Court, and made a request for bail.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop considered his request for bail but said she was concerned.

"I'm a bit concerned with your offending, because you're offending with lighting the car on fire and at the moment in Queensland you know what's going on with bushfires," she said.

Ms Mossop granted bail on the reasoning that Delaney had handed himself into police, provided them with the lighter he allegedly used and made admissions to police about the offending.

Delaney was permitted to be released on bail into the care of his brother on the condition he live at his brother's address on Russell Island.

He was also required to undergo a mental health examination within seven days, report to Russell Island police station weekly, must not consume drugs or alcohol above a blood alcohol content reading of 0.05 and submit to random tests when asked by police.

Delaney will return to the Dalby Magistrates Court on October, 8.

Police will allege Delaney lit a car on fire at a Morton Street residence, and a series of fires along the bank of Myall Creek.

On Wednesday morning, emergency services received a call at 5.25am with reports of a car fire on Moreton St between Homebush and Condamine streets.

Dalby Fire Captain Peter Mauch said when crews arrived on scene, they noticed smoke coming from around the corner.

A crew was diverted to Moreton St while another worked to extinguish multiple grass fires on the bank of Myall Creek.

Capt Mauch said crews worked quickly to contain the blaze, but it could have been much worse.

"It was not a good situation but we managed to get it under control quickly," Capt Mauch said.

"If it was a couple of days ago with those strong winds it really could have wreaked havoc, especially the grass fires."

All fires were extinguished by 6.10am and fire crews left the scene in the hands of police for investigation.