The Wallabys-Valleys Junior and Senior Preseason Challenge Cup
The Wallabys-Valleys Junior and Senior Preseason Challenge Cup Contributed

All set for Cup challenge

THE fields are mowed, the lines are marked, the Valleys Football club is ready for the Wallabys.

Valleys will this Saturday host the Wallabys versus Valleys Trial/Cup Match.

This will be the first time the club has hosted this competition, or any other match at their home ground for that matter.

"We are very excited about hosting the games tomorrow, it will be a very proud moment for the club," Valleys senior president Kieran Lawler said.

"We train on these fields every week and now finally we get to play on them, all the teams will be aiming for a win on their home ground. They will be tough to beat in all grades."

As well as having the pride of playing on their home ground motivating them, Valleys will also be aiming to win the cup for the second year in a row.

"We won the cup last year in what was the first year of this preseason competition and we will be doing our best to keep it in our possession," Lawler said.

And while Valleys will want to keep a tight grasp on the cup, Wallabys are hoping that they will take it out of their possession.

"We will be doing everything we can to win this year," Wallabys senior pesident Adam Hamilton said.

"It's a great friendly rivalry so who knows who will take the cup this weekend."

Hamilton said though that all of the Wallabys sides have been training hard and are ready for their first hit out of the year.

"It is a great way for the clubs to kick off the season," he said. "Everyone in the club is really looking forward to it and is ready for some challenging games."

The following weekend will see all four clubs participate in a round-obin preseason challenge.

"We used to run this in past seasons but haven't for a number of years so we are really hoping to see this kick back off again," Hamilton said.

"Calliope, Tannum, Valleys and Wallabys will all be part of the fixtures which will be played on the 18th."

That round-robin event and this weekend's cup are all part of the lead-up to the 2012 Gladstone Rugby League season which commences at the end of the month.