Lyn-Eve shakes aside her difficulties to play with her twin

RUGBY UNION: Watching her would-be coach Matt Neill and her cousins from the sidelines before this season was not enough for eight-year-old Lyn-Eve Woods.

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Playing union became reality as Lyn-Eve, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and was not expected to live, shook aside her difficulties to play alongside her identical twin sister Bonnie for the Gladstone Rugby Union Football Club Goats' under-8s team.

"Lynnie just wanted to play like all the other kids," her proud mother Janine Woods said just hours before the third-last round of the Rugby Capricornia junior competition last night in Rockhampton.

Woods said the team and the opposing sides had been nothing but supportive.

"I can't praise (enough) her teammates and also the other teams for the support they give her," Woods said.

Lyn-Eve is not allowed to get tackled by can be "tagged" during games.

"Other kids from the Goats team and also from the opposition form a protective barrier so that she doesn't get tackled," Woods said.

Lyn-Eve's passion cannot be curbed no matter the adversities she has faced.

"She's very vocal and very enthusiastic and the team that she plays for is amazing and give everything," Woods said.

Lyn-Eve has a big brother Eli, 10, who plays and little sister Tommie, 4, who will don the GRUFC jersey next year.

"I enjoy running around a lot and it's cool," Lyn-Eve said.

"I say to my team-mates "GG" which means good game."

Coach Neill said all the players loved having Lyn-Eve in the team.

"She gives it her best shot and she loves running with the ball and kicking the ball," he said.

"She's very inspirational especially with what is going on in her life."