All hail to the Gladstone region’s trusty volunteers

GLADSTONE'S quality of life would suffer hugely if it wasn't for our region's trusty volunteers.

They come from all walks of life, and they give their time freely to help others in need.

They may be rural fire-fighters, SES personnel, St John officers, library volunteers, information centre workers - in fact anywhere you look you'll more than likely find a person who is toiling away, receiving no income, but enjoying the opportunity to be able to do their bit to make our place a better one.

Often we forget that these people exist, and more often than not all the organisations that they offer their time to could do with a great number more to lighten the load.

Our region - and every other community in Australia rely so heavily on volunteers.

They are the people who are there when your boat strikes difficulties; your home is threatened by fire or flood.

It's worth taking the time to consider how fulfilling life can be as a volunteer, and offering your services to one of the many causes.