AFTER a nine-year battle with brain cancer, Melbourne mum Sara Chivers died in January, leaving behind her husband and their two beautiful boys.

Sara had found out she had the debilitating disease in March last year, then in a tragic twist of events her son Alfie was also diagnosed with brain cancer in September.

On Monday night, less than six months after Sara's husband Leigh and their sons were mourning her loss, Alfie also lost his brain cancer battle.

The two-year-old's tragic death was shared on social media by his dad Leigh, who captioned a photo of his boy sleeping peacefully with "Rest in peace little man, we love you forever".

After the death of Sara on January 28, a day before her self-described "dream come true" magazine covershoot with Vogue Australia hit shelves, a GoFundMe was set up to support the family.

"My beautiful sister, Sara Chivers, passed away peacefully in her sleep with family surrounding her on Sunday 28th January," Sara's sister Stephanie wrote on the GoFundMe page.

"Thanks to you all for the ongoing support."

The page went on to raise $181,000 for the Chivers family and was used to help pay for Alfie's ongoing medical costs.

In an interview with the New Daily after Sara's death, Leigh said his wife looked exactly like she did on their wedding day.

"When she did pass, after an hour or two she looked like she did on our wedding day," he said.

"All her features really came out. She looked so young."

Sara was 34 when she died, 10 months after she was diagnosed with three incurable tumours in March 2017. She had previously beaten the disease in 2008.

Alfie had been in hospital since his diagnosis in September.

He was battling a type of cancer called atypical teratoid rhabdoid, unrelated to his mum's type and one that comes with a one in three million chance of getting the disease.

Neurosurgeon Bhadu Kavar previously told ABC's 7.30he had never seen another parent and child with the same condition at the same time, likening it to lightning striking the same place twice.

Sara and her husband spoke to the ABC program after learning Alfie had also been diagnosed with a similar malignant and aggressive tumour.

"He hasn't even started his life yet," Sara said.

"He hasn't been able to do all of the things that I've been able to do, you know, in my 34 years to date."

"So it's just horrible, absolutely horrible. And heartbreaking."

Alfie and Sara are survived by their husband and dad Leigh, 34, and son and brother Hugh, three.


The Chivers family.
The Chivers family.