Alex “Shooter” Williamson is bringing his “Oi Mate” stand-up comedy show to the Harbour City in April with tickets selling fast.
Alex “Shooter” Williamson is bringing his “Oi Mate” stand-up comedy show to the Harbour City in April with tickets selling fast.

Alex Williamson’s ‘Oi Mate’ returns post-COVID

After the COVID-19 pandemic halted comedian Alex Williamson’s plans of a Queensland tour, the self-confessed “loosest Aussie bloke ever” has his show back on the road.

Mr Williamson is bring his highly anticipated “Oi Mate” tour to Harvey Rd Tavern on March 20 for one night only.

The show kicks off from 7.30pm with tickets available now and Mr Williamson discussed the inspiration behind his latest show.

“The inspiration behind the show is the freaks on the streets that I meet,” he said.

“The beauty about me being a famous Youtuber is it’s not like being a famous celebrity where I have a house in the Hollywood hills and I don’t communicate with the real world.

“I’m taking the train, I don’t know what the bus routes are like out there in Gladstone? Is there a dirty little train I could take to use as some further inspo?”

Mr Williamson said the one thing he loved about touring in Queensland was that the people “spoke his language”.

“They talk my language out there in Gladstone, you bunch of cowboys, it is great,” he said.

“I don’t have to slow my speech, can talk at my fast country pace and you guys get it.”

Mr Williamson said the audience could expect some observations on where the world was at during “Oi Mate”.

“There is a few sporting references in there,” he said.

“There is a lot of good Australian references in there, which I love, because when I travel and perform overseas I have to change my show up a little bit.”

Mr Williamson said he was keen to get involved in the Gladstone night life, hopefully spending more than one night in the Port City.

“I am very easily won over by peer pressure, so I am sure once I see a couple of local characters with mullets at the bar drinking huge jugs of beer I’ll get carried away,” he said.

Mr Williamson said he had visited the area before and the cross-town rivalry between Rockhampton and Gladstone was evident.

“I will settle this once and for all, whatever the town is that weekend that I am staying in, it becomes the more bogan place,” he said.

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