The Aldi 'special buy' that was sold out in seconds

IF you arrived just 30 seconds after Aldi opened their doors on Wednesday, you missed out on their most sought after item of the year.

This morning, the discount supermarket released their 'Style your room' range across the country, which included a selection of home decor products including quilt covers, cushions, throw blankets, wall art, rugs, side tables and towel sets.

While they are used to big queues and "teams" of mums grabbing a bargain during the annual ski sale, it was a grey $99 Fabric Accent Arm Chair that sent shoppers into a tizz on Wednesday.

Some people lined up an hour ahead of doors opening in the hope of grabbing the designer-look lounge item - which sold out at the Chatswood store in Sydney within 20 seconds.

Aldi's $99 armchair walked out the door on Wednesday.Source:Supplied
Aldi's $99 armchair walked out the door on Wednesday.Source:Supplied

Kane from Sydney, who had been lining up since 8am, was sent by his wife to grab one of the six chairs stocked on the shelf.

"I need to rush in and get it or I'm in big trouble," he told ahead of doors opening.

"It's my only job is to come home with one ... so it should be fun with this crowd. I just need to run."

Amanda, another shopper who started to line up from 8am, was hoping to grab a grey chair for her daughter.

"She couldn't get here early enough, and she's just moved into her own apartment so I'm here for her," she said.

"I just hope there's enough for us ... I think I'll just run straight for the box and maybe grab some towels on the way out."

While Kane and Amanda, who both lined up outside Sydney's Chatswood store, were lucky enough to grab what they were after, others were left disappointed by the lack of stock in store.

John, who arrived at 8am, was on a mission to grab two of the armchairs - but only walked away with one.

"I wanted two ... I only got one ... so I might try another store," he said.

"It was pretty crazy ... too many people ... people were grabbing things and putting them aside for their friends."

They did not mess around. Kane, left, was sent down by his wife to grab one of the six Aldi chairs on offer.
They did not mess around. Kane, left, was sent down by his wife to grab one of the six Aldi chairs on offer.

Colleagues Sarah and Vera - who had never lined up for an Aldi sale before - had taken the morning off work and were after four bedside tables each, but were left in the lurch when the store only stocked three tables in total.

"We got here at 8am," Sarah said.

"Our strategy was to make a mad dash for the items we want ... but they didn't have enough marble side tables. So we might have to get over to North Sydney."

Earlier this month, two families were filmed brawling over some outdoor furniture during a 'Special Buys' sale. (For the uninitiated, the supermarket's 'Special Buys' are collections available for a limited time across a range of categories).

Mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished.

A spokesperson for Aldi said the limited items within the Special Buys and homewares range is because they only intend on the products to be on sale for one week.

"ALDI Australia's Special Buys have become incredibly popular with Australian shoppers and are just one way we distinguish ourselves from other supermarkets," a spokesperson told

"Our weekly Special Buys are ordered months in advance and are intended to be on sale for one week in a bid to keep our range fresh and interesting.

"We do our best to supply our stores with sufficient stock however, sometimes they sell out faster than expected due to their exceptional value and high quality."