Alcott’s girlfriend’s candid sex claim


Dylan Alcott and his girlfriend have opened up about their sex life to encourage more people to talk candidly about disability and sexuality.

Speaking in today's issue of Stellar Magazine, available in the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun, the Aussie wheelchair tennis champion says dating is a tough subject to navigate for people with a disability, but it doesn't have to be.

His partner of two years, sexologist Chantelle Otten, says it's important for the pair to share their story so others in similar situations can realise the opportunities and options available to them.

"A lot of people think people with a disability don't have sex but I'm having the best sex of my life and it's important for me to say that," she says.

"There are people out there who might have a crush on someone with a disability but aren't confident to ask questions about it. They need to know that these sex lives are important and erotic and achievable, and they can build a life together.

"Dylan and I are quite private but it's important to get the word out. For me, working with people and having them know I'm in a relationship with someone with a disability is great."

Alcott and Otten are all loved up.
Alcott and Otten are all loved up.


The pair are happy to be open about their life together.
The pair are happy to be open about their life together.

Growing up, Alcott dealt with his own insecurities about what relationships would look like, and is intent on pulling back the curtain on his own journey so others can learn from him.

"So many of the 4.4 million people in Australia with a disability struggle with dating and sex," Alcott tells Stellar.

"I know that when I was a teenager I wondered, 'Can I do it?' and 'How do I do it?' I questioned whether anyone would love me because I'm in a wheelchair.

"I want to change the misconception that (disabled) people can't have sex or be in relationships or fall in love. The only way to destigmatise it is to talk about it."

Alcott recently turned 30 and Otten published a glowing Instagram post paying tribute to her man.

"Happy dirty 30 to the love of my life!!! You are the best human. You make everyday the best day. How lucky I am to have found you," she wrote.

"Never ending laughs and happiness and strength. You deserve it all."



Alcott and Otten, who connected via social media after she visited one of his book readings, made their romance public last year. The 29-year-old has been on hand to witness some of the tennis star's recent triumphs, including this year's Australian Open title and his maiden Wimbledon crown in 2019.

Alcott has long been an advocate for people with disabilities, and this year sparked a backflip from US Open organisers after they initially decided the tournament would go ahead without any wheelchair tennis.

The Aussie icon called it "disgusting discrimination" and gained a groundswell of support, prompting the US Open to change its decision and let Alcott and Co. play in New York.




Read the full interview with Dylan Alcott and Chantelle Otten in the current issue of Stellar, available in the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun, on sale Sunday, December 6


Originally published as Alcott's girlfriend's candid sex claim