Alarm raised as dead dolphin is found on Curtis Island

GLADSTONE Conservation Council treasurer Cheryl Watson has raised concerns after finding a dead dolphin missing both its fins, as well as two dead turtles with broken shells, at Crab Point on Curtis Island last week.

Ms Watson said she reported the findings to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, as well as posting images of the gruesome discovery on Facebook.

Ms Watson, who lives on Curtis Island, estimated she had found about 20 dead turtles washed up from the harbour in the past six months.

"It makes you wonder how many are washing up that aren't being discovered," she said.

DEHP records numbers of reported "turtle strandings", or turtles found dead, struck by boats, or beached.

The department identifies Gladstone as a stranding hot spot and attributes five deaths this year to boat strikes.

A total of 31 turtle strandings were recorded for Gladstone to July 31 this year.

While on a decline from the same period last year, numbers were still relatively high, reinforced with anecdotal evidence from regular harbour users, although often recorded as unconfirmed by DEHP.

A total of 78 turtle strandings were recorded in 2012, and while strandings conjured ideas of death by natural causes, the DEHP said strandings also covered deaths through boat strikes and other instances.

Ms Watson urged all Gladstone people to take photos and report dead marine life.