Alan Jones off air 'indefinitely'

VETERAN shock-jock Alan Jones has reportedly been forced off air indefinitely after telling staff at the Sydney station 2GB his chronic back pain required urgent surgery. 

"I have had all sorts of problems for a lot of years and it's just got hopeless at the moment," Fairfax reports Jones as saying. 

"I have had in the past three interventions in my back and now the thing has got chronic, so I am in for some major surgery.

"I wanted to leave it until the end of the year but unfortunately I can't because of the pain. Pain has never killed anyone by the way, but this has got out of control."

The news comes as 2GB, Jones and the Ray Hadley Morning Show celebrate a landmark run of ratings wins in the Sydney market. 

Jones has now won more than 100 consecutive ratings surveys while Hadley just ticked over the century.

In the Brisbane market where local presenters were sacked from 4BC Brisbane to make way for the New South Wales based duo the move has possibly started to pay off with the station gaining one point.

However, they are a long way from claiming top spot in that market where  Nova's obin, Terry and Bob lead the market with an audience share of 12.5%. 

In Brisbane Jones has just 1.9% of the audience while Hadley is faring better with more than 7%.