Airbnb owner ‘forced’ to remove kitchen

A NOOSA resident is up in arms at the local council after being told the kitchen in his Airbnb did not comply with state building regulations.

Rob Neely claims he was advised by Noosa Council to rip out his short-term rental kitchen as it went against laws of having two kitchens on one dwelling.

"If you currently run a Airbnb in your home you will be asked to remove the kitchen or anywhere a guest can prepare a sandwich … so that will mean, no stoves, no refrigerators, no kitchen sinks," he said in a Facebook post on the Noosa Hinterland Residents Association Page.

"Technically the way its drafted [council regulation] at the moment your guests will not be able to make breakfast, a cup of tea or cook toast."

Mr Neely said he the second kitchen in his split home has been there for 12 years.

One page commenter said "Airbnb has been a constant issue of disagreement with this council".

A Noosa Council spokesperson said Mr Neely's claims are "incorrect" and that he has "simply been operating a short-term stay rental unlawfully".

Noosa Council Director Kim Rawlings said the incidents with Mr Neely is "simply not the case" and he is "being quite mischievous by suggesting all short-term stay rentals will need to remove their kitchens".

"We have received a complaint about a property being used for Airbnb short-term letting and have investigated, which has shown that the local resident has a single house with two kitchens. This is unapproved and non-compliant with the planning scheme," she said.

Under Queensland law, a house is only allowed to have one kitchen per dwelling, however a detached house on the same premise is permitted to contain a kitchen if it is being used by members of the current household.

Ms Rawlings said the Noosa Planning scheme requires bed and breakfast use in a detached house used for short-term accommodation should not include a second kitchen in the house and homeowners should seek planning approval before building a short term rental on their property.