Smokey City
Smokey City

Air quality improves after hazardous day

GEELONG'S air quality is now listed as good after dropping to a hazardous rating yesterday afternoon.

The city was blanketed with thick smoke for much of Monday as winds caused smoke from East Gippsland, Tasmanian and NSW fires to travel across the region.

Some residents covered their mouths with face masks as the Environment Protection Authority warned against spending prolonged periods outdoors.

According to the EPA the region's air quality was listed as hazardous between 3-5pm, as very poor until 9pm and as moderate from 10pm.

Conditions were listed as good by 3am.

The EPA has still forecast the possibility of poor air quality conditions in Geelong until late this afternoon.

Geelong hospital yesterday saw a small increase in respiratory related presentations.

Eastern Beach was closed.

Residents are advised to monitor conditions and to visit their GP if they experience cough or wheezing.