Erran Braddick was injured in a motorcyle crash in Bali.
Erran Braddick was injured in a motorcyle crash in Bali. Contributed

Air ambulance on the way to pick up Erran

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BEFORE: Mr Braddick's sister Daneile said the family received the news yesterday morning that the LifeFlight air ambulance would be leaving for Bali. 

Mr Braddick's union called to let her know he was covered for travel insurance.   

"At this stage, there is no claim, we're still up for the bill until the claim is approved," she said.   

However, the insurance company is footing the $93,000 bill to bring Mr Braddick to a Brisbane hospital, with the claim to cover the cost at a later date.   

"That has been a real pressure off us," Ms Braddick said.   

"(We can) just get him home to Australia so we can worry about finances later.   

"We've had a win with him as well, his blood clot on his brain has removed itself, which means no more brain surgeries." 

Doctors have also lowered his coma medication and said he would be able to hear.    

"We're really excited about that," Ms Braddick said.    "In three days it feels like we've come a long way."  

BEFORE: ERRAN Braddick is coming home.

A LifeFlight air ambulance is on its way to Indonesia, to collect the 32-year-old Mackay man after he was injured in a motorcycle crash in Bali.

The Brothers rugby union player suffered brain, chest, lung and extensive internal injuries.

LifeFlight was called into action this morning.

LifeFlight's Air Ambulance Executive Manager, Tim Healee said the Challenger 604 Jet, which ws on its way to pick up Mr Braddick, was the longest-range air ambulance in Australia.

"(It) is the only one able to fly to Bali non-stop," he said.

On board is a LifeFlight critical care doctor, a flight nurse, and two pilots.

The aircraft is expected to touch down in Denpasar about 4.30pm local time or 6.30pm Mackay time today.

Once on the ground, LifeFlight's aeromedical team will travel to the hospital where Mr Braddick is being treated, before assessing and transferring him back to the jet, for the return journey to Australia.

The air ambulance jet is expected to depart Denpasar Airport tomorrow morning, bound for Brisbane.

Mackay man dies in hospital after horror Bali crash