BIG MOVE: Goora Gan Steiner School will relocate to accommodate a growing student body.
BIG MOVE: Goora Gan Steiner School will relocate to accommodate a growing student body.

Agnes Water's Steiner school plans to relocate

TWENTY lucky children will be going to school beachside by the end of the year.

The Goora Gan Steiner School, which opened at Agnes Water in January last year, has announced plans to relocate the school to the vacant upper level of the Agnes Water Surf Club.

School facilitator Melissa Thomson said it was just a matter of finalising the lease and requesting a zoning material change of use with the Gladstone Regional Council.

"We don't foresee any issues with that, everybody is on board with the move," she said.

The school, currently at the old community hall in Agnes, has grown faster than expected and cannot accommodate new students.


The Old Community Hall in Agnes Water will become the Goora Gan Steiner School's temporary location until 2019.
The old community hall in Agnes Water was intended to be Goora Gan's temporary location until 2019.

"We started with eight students, now we've grown to 20 enrolments and lots of inquiries," Ms Thomson said.

The move to the surf club will allow the school to grow to about 60 students.

Ms Thomson said Goora Gan would make a positive contribution to the surf club.

The plan was to build a fenced playground which surfing nippers would be able to access and to "beautify the gardens", she said.

Ms Thomson said the long-term hope was that the school would have a purpose-built property of its own and cater for high school students as well.

"We're investigating options currently," she said.

We'd love somewhere with at least 20 acres of bushland - that would be ideal. We'll be looking around the local area.

Ms Thomson said places in the Steiner school were in high demand.

"Forty per cent of our enrolments moved to the area specifically to attend the school," she said.

"Before the school started families were moving away to Noosa, Brisbane or Cairns - which were the nearest Steiner school locations."

"Steiner schools are the fastest growing school movement in the world at the moment.

"There's over 50 now in Australia and there's new initiatives popping up all the time."