Charles Dupois.
Charles Dupois. CHRIS McCORMACK

After 'severed head' claim, Bikini Island men win bail case

TWO would-be TV producers accused of stalking have had bail conditions relaxed 10 months after a court heard claims about "heads cut off with bloody knives".

In 2012, Kerry Crinis and Charles Dupois sought cashed-up Central Queensland miners to invest in a proposed reality TV show Bikini Island.

But the two later sued Queensland Police and others over criminal charges they said cost them more than $1 billion in earnings from projects including Bikini Island.

The criminal charges included unlawful stalking, attempting to pervert the course of justice, and forgery.

Queensland Court of Appeal said the duo also faced allegations of witness tampering in relation to a defamation action.

Mr Crinis and Mr Dupois were granted bail last year - but on conditions including they not go within 100m of seven people.

The duo were allowed contact with three of those people, but only in relation to existing, ongoing civil proceedings.

Mr Crinis and Mr Dupois urged Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Flanagan in August to change their bail conditions.

They wanted permission to contact some of the people involved to deliver civil court documents to them.

At that hearing, Mr Dupois said the woman the duo were accused of stalking was in fact making threats.

"We're receiving heads cut off with bloody knives ... death threats," Mr Dupois told Justice Flanagan.

"We always look over our shoulders."

But Justice Flanagan refused to let the men contact anyone protected by the bail application.

So Mr Crinis and Mr Dupois took their case to the appeal court - which has now changed the bail condition and allowed the appeal.

In a judgment delivered on Friday, Justice Anthe Philippides said the supreme court bail conditions were unusual.

She said an "underlying assumption" the two men had an ulterior purpose of interfering with or thwarting criminal proceedings was wrong.

Justice Philippides said it was "erroneous" to assume all future proceedings would be an "abuse of process".

So Mr Crinis and Mr Dupois can now contact the three people involved for any new civil or private criminal proceedings. -NewsRegional