African candidate hit by vile racist attack

A CANDIDATE in the race for Calamvale's local council has been hit with a vile racist rant in the lead up to the election.

Labor candidate Mucktar Wesseh Nah Konteh told the Brisbane Times that he's seen been on the receiving end of 'his share' of racism since arriving from Sierra Leone nearly 15 years ago. 

Mr Wesseh's corflutes have been vandalised with white supremacist graffiti, but he also recieved this error-strewn racist rant by email:

"you disgusting ting muslim n---er
you ruined by beautiful suburbs chance of ever having a labor candidate win
go back to your aids ridden country
i hope you and all your ugly n---er family die
you don't deserve your position
it would satisfy deeply to never see your filthy n---er face again
i don't know why you ever thought you would win in Calamvale, you ugly worthless n---er
please die"

The email has been referred to the Australian Federal Police.