This about sums up Richmond’s night.
This about sums up Richmond’s night.

Bizarre record snapped by stunning hanger

The Richmond Tigers' dream of avenging last years' preliminary final loss was dashed with the Collingwood Magpies piling on the points to run away with a 44-point win at the MCG.

Although it was relatively tight throughout the match, the Magpies kicked away with a five goals to one final quarter to run away 17.8 (110) to 10.6 (66) winners.

Jordan De Goey was the standout with five goals but it was a key mark that stole the show.

Late in the second quarter, De Goey took a stunning mark and then kicked a goal around the corner to take the lead into the break.

It was a brilliant mark to take Collingwood to an AFL record with 99 marks in the first half.

Although the side fell short of the all-time record of 181 with 174 in the game, it was an incredible performance.

"This is clearly a tactic that they have come into the game," Channel 7 commentator Brian Taylor said.

"The one thing we know Richmond's great strengths is that they put pressure on. So if you run the footy out with handball, then they put you under enough pressure to get turnovers.

"Collingwood is not allowing them to do that at all because they are controlling the footy."

What made the marking tactic even more special was that no team had ever kicked more than 150 in a game against Richmond.

But De Goey was in a league of his own, kicking five in a brilliant performance.

The 23-year-old admitted he had considered leaving Collingwood when North Melbourne offered an amazing $1 million a year, five-year contract.

Jordan De Goey took an absolute stunner in the first half.
Jordan De Goey took an absolute stunner in the first half.

"Probably the only time I thought (moving to another club) was when my manager on the phone said 'North have upped their offer, it's $1 million'," De Goey told the Jock and Journo podcast.

"And I said '$1 million (overall)?' And he said '$1 million a year for five years'. And that's when I was kind of like, 'Oh s***'.

"When you think in terms of money - what was I, 22? - and everyone wants to be a millionaire, don't you?

"So to hear that, it's cool and I appreciate hearing that they (Kangaroos) have that thought about me that I could become something like that."

De Goey resigned with Collingwood and will be at the club until the end of 2020

The star sent the crowd into raptures throughout the match and he said the

"It's obviously a tough team to beat, so to come out here and play the way we wanted to is really impressive, I think we did it for four quarters," De Goey said.

"I didn't have much of a pre-season to be honest. I had a few injuries here and there

But coming out here, my position depends on the ball movement and tonight we were really dominant with that. We switched our ball, switched the ball down the middle."

Prelim final star Mason Cox added two goals of his own.
Prelim final star Mason Cox added two goals of his own.

Magpies skipper Scott Pendlebury said the marks record was a by-product of the kind of game they wanted to play.

"We just had a big focus on a few things as mid field group that we felt that we let ourselves down with last week," he said.

"We wanted to get back and support our defence, make it hard for Richmond to go forward, and we didn't really speak about offence going in tonight, it is just when the boys play like that, everyone gets involved and everyone is running hard.

"I think it is one of those things where we over corrected a bit and looked after it too much because we have been giving away the ball a lot in our back half so we wanted to slow it down a fraction and 174 marks, I don't think we want to do that every week but the boys just played what they saw."

For Richmond, Tom Lynch added three goals but there were also injury worries.

Tigers star Jack Riewoldt finished the match with plenty of question marks after clutching his wrist throughout the match.

In the second quarter, the Tigers' veteran launched himself at a ball but dropped the mark, putting his arm out as he fell to break his fall.

It was an injury that seemed to worry the 30-year-old throughout the match, grasping at it throughout the match until a friendly fire bump between Riewoldt and Dustin Martin seemed to flare it up.

That didn’t look good.
That didn’t look good.

The star went to the sheds during the fourth quarter.

Channel 7 sideline reporter Abbey Holmes said "it doesn't look good".

"Both Jack Riewoldt has come from the ground and straight down the race with the club doctors," she said.

"So they will no doubt assess that wrist further but it doesn't look good. He's in a lot of pain. So it would be unfortunate if they did lose Riewoldt after the Rance incident last week."

Commentator Brian Taylor also agreed "there may have been something more wrong with that than he first thought".

But the tough veteran was back out on the field minutes later.

Tigers skipper Trent Cotchin said the hole left by Alex Rance's injury in round one wasn't to blame for the loss.

"Obviously the Pies controlled a lot of the game. I looked up during the last quarter and we hadn't had too many tackles," he said.

"Disappointing, still within reach at three-quarter time when we weren't playing our best footy, but they are a bloody good side.

"I think our backs stood tall. It was probably further up the field that we didn't deny Collingwood their uncontested possessions. I don't think it is a Rancey thing at all."