Advocate puts you in the know with latest from local events

MAKE sure you grab your copy of the Community Advocate next week when it arrives at your door.

It's well worth a read, and loaded with a pile of great yarns and some fabulous photos of the many events in Gladstone over the past week.

The Tondoon Botanical Gardens' 25th annivesrsary celebrations are well documented with photos - there's a good chance that your photo is amongst them.

And there's a great story about how the Curtis Island Rural Fire Brigade has received some much-needed funding from Bechtel.

Want to know all there is to know about fascinators? Look no further than next week's Community Advocate. All the details are there - and some great photographs.

You'll find so many other great community stories, including a great yarn giving advice about how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.

Of course, you'll find all of our regular columns from some of the vast number of community organisations in our region.

Each and every week you'll find things that you didn't know before, just by reading your Community Advocate.