Gladstone football player has world at her feet with UK trip

Georgina Adnum, 17, is ready to tour the UK with the Queensland Ladies Academy.
Georgina Adnum, 17, is ready to tour the UK with the Queensland Ladies Academy. Jake Jones

STRIKERS in football have, for a long time, paid heavy attention to slick skills and powerful shots on goal, while showing little love for the defensive side of the game.

Georgina Adnum is changing that mould, a centre back or defensive midfielder who has not only created a stir in the local competition, but also among colleges in the United States.

But, before she relocates to the US, she is currently embarking on a tour that will have her playing in England and Ireland as well as training with some top coaches, including those from Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Having known about the trip since early this year, the quietly-spoken 17-year-old is keen to get to the UK, and get to know her teammates on the long journey halfway across the world.

"I got an invitation in the mail at the beginning of the year from the Queensland Ladies Academy," she said.

"I only know of one person, we haven't trained together at all.''

The excursion to Manchester, Dublin and London will be a great learning experience for the talented Clinton player, who will bring back a wealth of experience that will prove vital when she finally gets to Union College, Kentucky, USA.

"I was looking at a place in South Carolina earlier," she said. "(But) Union College were the first ones to offer.

"It will be different over there.

"I would like to play professionally some day."

Georgina will wait until August next year to get to the US, getting to hone the new skills she will learn over the next two weeks at home in Gladstone until then.

Having just finished school, the plan is all unfolding for Georgina, who has been looking at a scholarship for a while, and is ready to study biomechanics at her new home.

"I have been looking since the end of grade 9," she said.

Fast Facts

  • Name: Georgina Adnum
  • Age: 17
  • Local Team: Clinton
  • Travelling with: Queensland Ladies Academy
  • Future College: Union College, Kentucky