Being addicted to election fodder in Flynn draws derision

I HAVE realised this week I've got an addiction, and it's earning me some derision.

But I'm not worried, as I know it's just a fluttering fancy sure to pass by September 8, at the latest.

That's right - I have Federal Election fever.

My co-workers seem to think my listening to the whole audio grab, rather than just what I need for online fodder, is slightly odd.

And funnily enough, people aren't finding my facts on Flynn's candidates fascinating.

Our next government - whichever party it is - will most likely be elected on the basis of vague platitudes, by avoiding catastrophic error in the next couple weeks.

But looking on the bright side of life, we do have a say who represents us as a region.

It may be because I haven't had to endure the punishing repetitiveness of the Australian electoral cycle too many times - but I think that's great.

We're fortunate to live in the lucky country. We get to poke fun at our pollies, without worrying about an armed guard storming in during the middle of the night.

For those who are making mistakes, I give them props. At least they're trying.

So to those older citizens who have come out this week saying this year's campaign trail is a bore - I respectfully say "phooey!".

Instead of being jaded, educate those around you about years gone past. I'm sure they'd love to hear why you've decided to stay stoically aligned to a certain party, or the local goss on our old representatives.

You see, the promises being made may give me hope for a better future here for my family and friends - but it's the gaffes that are really filling me with glee.

Then again, our fine city's abundance of acronyms can be quite tricky and it's rather easy to zone out during another candidate speech.

For those who are making mistakes, I give them props. At least they're trying.

Rather than swing towards a party preference, I'm more interested in proactive people and willing to give anyone a look in on my voting sheet - be they major, minor or independent.

But if someone can't be bothered to fight for my vote, then why would I believe they would come out swinging for Flynn when the need arises?

I'm also quite sceptical whether someone who lives in another area can really know what is best for our electorate - or what various sections of the community think.

But I figure it's worth sussing them out, in case our community goes rogue right at the last minute and picks the outside chance.

After all, who doesn't love an underdog?

Now, our nine election hopefuls may not be the "suppository of all wisdom" (to quote Mr Abbott) but I suppose "sex appeal" is in the eye of the beholder.

Give them a chance. Check out who they are on The Observer's website or go for a stalk on Google (like I did).

It will make Election Day that much easier. But if you do come across something juicy, send it my way - I'm always up for a giggle.

If you get to the polls and still can't stand these Federal folks and decide on a donkey vote, I will respect your decision.

But be warned, in all likelihood, I won't be able to resist calling you an ass.

Want to know what the Federal Election means for Flynn? You can find a comprehensive guide to the seat of Flynn here.