Yoga guru Pushpa Bakshi.
Yoga guru Pushpa Bakshi. Christopher Chan

Yoga is great for helping bodybuilders increase flexibility

BODYBUILDERS may flex in the gym, but now they can flex in yoga class.

The more flexibility you have in your ligaments and muscles, the greater you protect yourself from injury.

Bodybuilders should practise yoga because yoga can strengthen what bodybuilders do physically.

The prolonged stretching movements of yoga, if held for a few moments, can improve the posture and assist with the lower back pain of body builders.

The stretches can also balance the strength in opposing muscle groups, as well as increasing the flexibility and range of motion.

Yoga can help relieve the stress accumulated in your muscles from the repetitive contracting movements of weightlifting.

You will find that where most other forms of exercise physically exhaust you, yoga will help energise you and retain your energy levels.

This is due to the focus on long, slow breaths that bring oxygen back to the muscles and all three chambers in your torso.

Benefits of yoga can make bodybuilders look and feel better.

At first if you don't have the flexibility to do the yoga poses don't worry, it isn't important how deeply you can move into a pose, but rather that you focus on doing the yoga movement correctly.

Practise your pranayama breathing and this first pose:

Wide-Legged Forward Bend - this pose stretches your back, shoulders, neck and also your hamstrings, buttocks and calves.

It is great for eliminating stiffness and limited range of motion.