Frontline Action on Coal protestors have
Frontline Action on Coal protestors have "hijacked” a billboard to read "Adani Hates Workers”, signed by the Labor Party. x

'Adani hates workers': Anti-coal group continue same mantra

"RAT bags" is the terminology used to refer to the Frontline Action on Coal group, who according to a Bowen councillor, "are getting cheekier and cheekier".

Among "ums" and "ahs" on a video exceeding 30 minutes, the alleged Byron Bay hippies have hijacked a billboard outside the Abbott Point Coal Terminal to read "Adani Hates Workers", signed by the Labor Party.

Whitsunday Councillor Michael Brunker and ex-Labor candidate Burdekin said that it will only be a matter of time "before locals take action" with the rebel environmentalist group who regularly hold barbecues in Bowen town centre.

"I certainly support renewables but 50 per cent of the energy for us is going to be coal so we need to look at refurbishing our coal plants to bring them up to date."

"My issue is that FLAC are talking about Adani but they're anti-coal the whole way round, my argument is if they win this fight with Adani they're going to start on the coal industry as a whole," Cr Brunker said.

The pair, identified only as Andy and Lauren seem quite proud of the vandalisation and the lengths they went to on the billboard, however speak little about the political message, and more about 'how you can do it at home'.

"We're heading out towards the Bruce Hwy this morning in Bowen to show everybody what we got up to last night," Lauren said on the Facebook Live video.

"We've hijacked the Labor Party, the Labor Party are continuing to sit on the fence in this Adani Carmichael Coal mine issue.

"We're showing them what we want to hear from them ... basically we're about to show you a billboard which we've put up ourselves.

"We've put words in their mouth, we're showing them what we want to hear from them."

The video has more than 11,000 views at last count, and despite the billboard sacking off Labor, Dawson MP and LNP member George Christensen even spoke out against the actions.

"You can protest against something. But you can't 'hijack a billboard' nor can you put words in the mouth of another political party," he said.

"This action is targeting Labor and, while I might be LNP, I acknowledge there are many good Labor supporters in Bowen who want the jobs from the Carmichael coal project to go ahead.

"More so, extreme greens might have the right to protest but they shouldn't get away with illegal activity."

The statement vandalisation is ahead of a nation-wide protest set for this weekend in which the group warns that there are 30 actions planned across the country where "many people are preparing to break the law for the first time in their lives" to "protect country and safeguard a liveable planet for generations to come".

Information suggests that the protests will target politicians, coal mining companies and contractors associated with the Adani mine.