KNOW THE FACTS: Adani Mining has launched a new Know the Facts campaign.
KNOW THE FACTS: Adani Mining has launched a new Know the Facts campaign. Adani

Adani campaign to address 'lies insults and hysteria'

ADANI Mining will launch a new 'Know the Facts' campaign in response to the anti-coal movement opposed to the Carmichael Project and development of the Galilee Basin.

A digital media and direct mail campaign focusing on dispelling myths around water management, indigenous support for the project and the Great Barrier Reef is being rolled out across the state from this week.

Chief executive Lucas Dow said the "lies, insults and hysteria" touted over the last week by anti-coal activists was a new low in the campaign against the coal mining industry.

"Everyone has the right to voice their opinion but the past week has seen extremist green activists insult the 10s of thousands of Australians who make up our coal mining industry, likening them to drug dealers and Nazis during the holocaust," Mr Dow said. "One of the myths that I regularly have to address is that people have been told the Carmichael Project will actually mine the Great Barrier Reef, or that the mine will be located beside the Reef."

Mr Dow said the Carmichael Project was more than 350km inland from the Great Barrier Reef.

"The facts are we do not have unlimited groundwater; we do not have a licence to take any water from the Great Artesian Basin, and we can only take water from the local Suttor River when it is in flood and after farmers have satisfied their requirements," Mr Dow said.