The ad on Seek.
The ad on Seek. Rowan Hunnam

Female only job listing rubs men up the wrong way

AN ADVERTISEMENT on for 'Female Diesel Fitters and Electricians' has ruffled a few feathers on social media.

The Aurizon advertisement, for workers for the Mackay and Rockhampton region, is a "targeted" position and "only female applications" will be accepted.

Comments on social media suggest the ad is "sexist".

Aurizon was a winner in the 2014 AHRI Inclusion and Diversity Awards, for Gender Equity in the Workplace, Diversity Champion CEO.

A statement from Aurizon said the company had a workforce comprising more than 80% men. In trade areas it could be as high as 90%, it said.  

"Aurizon is actively seeking to recruit more women to the Company. We recognise the business benefits of a more diverse workplace that accesses the talent pool from the whole community," the statement said.

"The targeting of women recruits is not discriminatory, when there is such as large gender imbalance in the current workforce, and is in line with Section 105 of the Anti-discrimination Act Queensland. Applicants for jobs continue to be assessed on merit."

For women interested in the position:

Female Diesel Fitters & Electricians wanted to join the Mechanised Production team. You will be responsible for carrying out all aspects of machine maintenance and the operation of substantial track equipment. Based from either Rockhampton or Mackay these positions give great exposure into rail operations. The women "must be able to work away from home extensively with a variable roster (generally 8 on & 6 off roster)", contribute to maximum machine availability by efficiently maintaining, servicing, repairing and performing approved modifications on any infrastructure mainline machinery, operate any of the 'on track' infrastructure machinery when qualified, among other duties.

The advertisement continues: "Aurizon is a top-50 ASX-listed company and Australia's largest rail freight operator. Each day they transport coal, iron ore and other minerals as well as agricultural and general freight across the nation."

According to the ad they "strive for a diverse, collaborative, creative and high performance culture that celebrates the contribution of every employee, be they male or female, blue collar or white collar, and allows them to build better careers as they help us build a better company".

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What you said on Facebook:

Marvs Pacey Of course it's reverse discrimination.. you put on who is best qualified .... feel sorry for guys trying to find work and they are turned down for being male

Scott Harris It is illegal to advertise for a man only why not the other way around?

Bill Cleary So much for the best person male or female for the job huh

Charmaine Parker This add is for qualified diesel fitters and electricians. It is a mans domain the women are already out numbered I think it is great to give the women an advantage this time. I am the creator/ administrator of Mackay Women Return to Work and I have never really had any comments made about the page being discriminatory.

Mazza Louise Reverse discrimination. It's been going on for years.

James Huckel If they can do the job at hand, what harm is there?