Acts of kindness are what set Gladstone community apart

OUR community is one of those where people just look after each other - even if they don't know the people they are looking out for.

Beth Young's story about the people who helped others at Boyne Island and Tannum Sands in the clean-up after the weekend's floods is a case in point.

We were pleased to hear how everyone mucked in to help others who were in a worse situation than they were.

But it was probably not a lot more than we would have expected, given what we know about our community.

It's these sorts of unconditional acts of kindness that make our community a special place.

People in our region have suffered discomfort, hardship and serious disturbance because of this never-seen-before flood event.

Their journey has been made a great deal easier by those who got stuck in and gave of their time and effort to help.

We praise you - and we know that when the chips are down for you, help will be close at hand.