Accused “slasher” claims neighbour provoked her with brick

A woman accused of "slashing" her neighbour claims she was provoked after he hit her with a brick, with her defence lawyer presenting the alleged victim's 12-page criminal record containing dishonesty and violence convictions.

Yvonne Estelle Gulf, 42, was granted bail in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on March 10 after the alleged incident in Depot Hill on March 8.

Defence lawyer Pierre Lammersdorf said the allegations were serious.

"There is more than meets the eye to this allegation," he said.

Mr Lammersdorf said there was a long-standing neighbourhood dispute.

He said the alleged victim threw a brick at Ms Gulf for which she was hospitalised due to significant head injuries including breakage parts of the skull.

Mr Lammersdorf said what needed to be resolved was whether Ms Gulf lunged first at the alleged victim, or if he threw a brick at her first and she used the knife in self-defence.

He said Ms Gulf had been working hard to get her life in order since her last appearance in court two years ago and now had full-time employment of which her employer was in court in support of Ms Gulf.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mick Ruddiman said police opposed bail due to the use of a weapon by Ms Gulf.

He said the neighbour dispute was over a dog.

Sergeant Ruddiman said it was alleged the victim and witness arrived at the victim's address and were confronted by Ms Gulf saying "I'm going to kill you. I'm going to stab you."

He said the victim continued walking to the front of the residence, upon approaching the internal stairs, the victim observed Ms Gulf standing at the front gate holding a knife.

Sergeant Ruddiman questioned where the knife come from - was Ms Gulf carrying the knife? Why?

He said the victim then told Ms Gulf to get out of his yard.

Sergeant Ruddiman said it was alleged Ms Gulf told the victim "I'm going to stab you" before lunging at him but missing him.

He said the victim allegedly then bent down and picked up a half an old brick whcih had been used as a doorstop.

Sergeant Ruddiman said the man allegedly told Ms Gulf "if you don't f--- off, I'll use it".

"He was quite within his rights to do that," he said.

Sergeant Ruddiman said Ms Gulf allegedly then lunged and slashed at the man, slashing his right forearm with a 5cm laceration.

He said during this time, the alleged victim used his right hand to push Ms Gulf away in order to prevent himself from being stabbed.

Sergeant Ruddiman said upon being slashed, the alleged victim has let go of the brick which hit Ms Gulf in the head.

He said the victim allegedly fled into a neighbouring residence and called emergency services.

Sergeant Ruddiman said it was alleged during this time, Ms Gulf has picked up the brick and has approached others who had exited a vehicle.

He said it was alleged Ms Gulf told a male witness "your next" before she chased him around the vehicle with the brick.

Sergeant Ruddiman said this allegedly occured a matter of minutes before Ms Gulf turned towards another witness and said "you want another go you little f---".

He said it was alleged Ms Gulf then chased this second witness around the car with the brick.

Sergeant Ruddiman said a short time later, the accused walked back to her own residence, while the two witnesses returned to their residence and called emergency services.

He said the accused returned to the victim's address, saying "get out here. I'm going to stab you".

Sergeant Ruddiman said it was alleged Ms Gulf then stuck her hand through a window louvre with a different knife.

He said Ms Gulf allegedly remained at the residence for about 10 minutes.

Sergeant Ruddiman said it was understood things get out of control, however, "this is way beyond the bounds of what would be acceptable in the public domain."

He said Ms Gulf's criminal record was full of violence convictions

"This particular defendant has issues with how she copes with stressful situation in the public domain," Sergeant Ruddiman said.

"She resorts to acts of violence."

He submitted the evidence was strong with the witnesses version corroborate each to such a degree to give it that strength.

Mr Lammersdorf then raised the alleged victim's 12-page criminal record which contained convictions for dishonesty and violence offences.

"There are clearly crediability issues here," he said.

"The other witnesses are friends of the complainant (alleged victim)."

Mr Lammersdorf said just because statements have been provided, there are still questions about the sequence of events due to the credibility of the complainant and witnesses.

"This is not a clear-cut case," he said.

Sergeant Ruddiman said the height of the dishonesty offences could not be worked out as no facts were before the court as part of the bail application.

Magistrate Cameron Press said Ms Gulf's assault convictions were from 2012, 2014 and 2019.

He said he found the evidence to be moderate as it was clear an altercation took place and a knife was involved.

Mr Press said Ms Gulf had complied with bail conditions in the past along with always appearing in court when supposed to, and she now had a full-time job.

He granted her bail to an Emu Park address and adjourned her matter - one count of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed - to May 12.