Hudson Young is caught on camera having a go at the eyes.
Hudson Young is caught on camera having a go at the eyes.

Gouge drama erupts as Warriors shock Raiders

THE NRL has another eye-gouge drama on its hands on the eve of the finals after young Raiders forward Hudson Young was caught with his fingers in the eyes of another player.

The ugly moment came in the 30th minute of Saturday's game when the New Zealand Warriors' Adam Pompey scored to make it 12-all, with the act going unnoticed on first vision.

The Warriors would go on to win 24-20 and resign the Raiders to a final match against runaway minor premiers the Melbourne Storm in week one of the finals series.

But in the modern game with cameras everywhere, there was little chance it would escape for long.

It's a horror look for the game, which has undergone several eye-gouging issues this season, including the Rabbitohs' George Burgess, who copped eight weeks, and Young himself, who already sat out five weeks for an eye gouge.

Commentator Brett Finch exploded over the incident, slamming the young star for the ugly act.

"He's a repeat offender - yeah, he's gone," Finch said.

"He's got serious issues, he's done it before, that is absolute garbage.

"That is not what our game is about, that's a disgraceful act. Look at the pressure on his eyes here, that is terrible."

Hudson Young is looking at an extended period on the sideline.
Hudson Young is looking at an extended period on the sideline.

The former NSW halfback unloaded on the young forward, who will be under scrutiny for a second time this season for an alleged eye gouge.

"He (Pompey) should react, he should put one right on his chin. And this is a bloke who spend five weeks on the sideline, you can't attack the eyes of an opposing player."

The commentators noted Young had seen himself on the big screen and looked worried.

"He knows he's done it in the first half and he's a repeat offender, that's a disgrace," Finch said.

"He'll be disappointed, Ricky, he doesn't coach players like that - that's crap. It's really poor.

"He could go from anywhere from 12-20 weeks. Why shouldn't he? That's pressure on someone's eyes, he's done it before and he's only just came back.

"He went for two cracks at it. George Burgess got eight weeks. That's really poor, we don't need that in our game, it's a disgraceful act in my opinion.

"Clearly six weeks wasn't enough, go spend six weeks on the sideline young fella. How do you get that habit in your game?"

Speaking after the game on Fox League, Michael Ennis said it didn't look great.

Greg Alexander was equally perplexed.

"What's going on? Why would he even think about doing that?" Alexander said.

"That's a complete lack of self-control. I've got no idea what would make him do that after sitting five weeks on the sideline. The first one doesn't look too bad if you play it in normal speed but to have a crack again, he'll be in trouble.

"He won't be playing semi-final football, that'll be the end of Hudson Young. I don't think it matters how far they go, he won't be there."

Social media users were quick to slam the 21-year-old forward.