LNP candidate for Gladstone Chay Conaglen speaking at the Meet The Candidates night.
LNP candidate for Gladstone Chay Conaglen speaking at the Meet The Candidates night. Tegan Annett

LNP hopeful: "Women deserve better than to have to kill their child"

IT WAS no surprise jobs and electricity prices were the two big topics at the Meet the Candidates night.

Only two of the four people running for the seat of Gladstone showed up at Monday night's event - Labor's Glenn Butcher and the LNP's Chay Conaglen.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate Amy Lohse was not there nor was the Greens' Peta Baker.

Mr Butcher and Mr Conaglen took questions from the floor.

Gladstone Industry Leadership Group chief executive officer Patrick Hastings asked about power prices in relation to industry.

Both candidates acknowledged there was an issue with power prices, with Mr Conaglen blaming the State Government's renewable energy target.

He said it was not sustainable and was a big reason for driving prices up. The LNP candidate plugged the LNP's plan to build a new coal-fired power station in North Queensland.

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However, Mr Butcher rubbished the policy, saying nobody wanted to financially back it. He also said by the time it was built renewable energy technology would be even cheaper than it was now.

Mr Conaglen was particularly animated when asked a question about abortion from a member of Cherish Life Gladstone.

He said there were serious issues with the law.

"This is a massive issue that too many people are afraid to address," Mr Conaglen said.

The LNP candidate admitted it was a very controversial issue.

"I'm not out to condemn any woman, women who have had abortions have been let down by our society and our medical professions and they deserve better than that," Mr Conaglen said.

"They deserve to be loved and cherished and looked after and not have to be put in a position where they have to terminate a child.

"Many people don't know what they're doing, they don't know the reality that they're killing a child."

Mr Conaglen questioned where the line was before people were allowed to have an abortion.

"Women deserve better than to have to kill their child," he said.

"This is my personal opinion and I respect that we can have a reasonable discussion about it," he said.

The Cherish Life Gladstone group had an advert appear in the Gladstone Observer telling people how to vote if they were "pro life".

They are asking for people to vote for Mr Conaglen first, Ms Lohse second, Mr Butcher third and Ms Baker last.