Women's rights campaigners outside parliament. Pic Annette Dew
Women's rights campaigners outside parliament. Pic Annette Dew

Abortion debate should start and end with women

Women's debate

AS THE debate about abortion rages on in NSW, I am reminded of a story told by a famous Australian personality.

The personality offered up the following: "If men could get pregnant, there would be an abortion clinic outside of every pub".

Some may think that this trivialises a very important debate, but they miss the point.

The point is that too many people only look at issues from their own standpoint and wish to enforce their view on others.

They change their mind when an issue is turned back on them.

It seems to me that too many people are looking at this as a black or white issue and cannot walk in someone else's shoes because they "know" they are right.

I am willing to participate and learn in a debate, and I promise to not be dogmatic and think I have all or any of the truth, but I think the debate begins and ends with women because they are the most affected.



Economic headwinds

IT IS 12 months since Scott Morrison rolled his leader, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. And we still don't know exactly why Mr Turnbull had to go other than perhaps the internal factional divisions and personal ambitions of Liberal MPs.

Over the past year, the self-proclaimed better economic managers have overseen a surge in the net debt by $23 billion to over 19 per cent of GDP and the longest per capita recession since the 1980s recession.

Meanwhile we watch on as the US president taunts China over trade.

Whose side should we be on?

China is, after all, our biggest trading partner and accounts for about 30 per cent of our exports while the USA takes about 3.6 per cent.

What is this directionless Morrison government doing in preparation should the economic headwinds from the trade war strike? Where are the jobs and growth we were promised years ago? Do they have a plan to turn around our weak economy? It seems not.



Happy anniversary

A YEAR ago, it was secret mens' business and a man date that gave Scott Morrison and the boys leather seats in the big house.

Does the man in the street have a clue yet why this happened?

Fair dinkum.



Parking problem

I AM applying for a parking permit. My doctor completed the approximated application, and I sent it to the www.tmr.gov.au, but today received a letter demanding $18.05 non-refundable payment.

There was no mention of this in the application but it is on the website.

Because of this poor administrative procedure, there will be a delay of about a month before the permit is issued.

Maybe there needs to be an internal review of how we are governed.

Advice to all applying for a disability parking permit- be aware there is a non-refundable payment that is not advised on the application form.

BOB BUICK, Mountain Creek