Police confirm students approached outside school

UPDATE: Police have commended the actions of a Toowoomba school after two students were reportedly approached by strangers outside the gates this week.

The two students had been outside the Rockville State School Wednesday afternoon near a parked car when a passenger spoke to the children.

Claiming to be the students' grandparent, the two children ran back into the school and reported the incident to teachers who contacted police.

Toowoomba police Sergeant Greg Wheeler said the school followed its safety protocols in reporting the matter to authorities which is now being investigated by the Child Protection Investigation Unit.

"They have acted exactly how they should have," he said.

"The teachers have gotten the registration of the vehicle and passed that on to police who have carried out inquiries in relation to the incident.

"Police spoke with the kids, the parents and the principal soon after it was reported.

"The school is to be commended for its proactive approach to the incident and the steps they have taken to advise families and how they have handled the situation."

He said the incident was not being treated as an attempted abduction.

2.10PM: Toowoomba primary school students have been offered counselling after an attempted abduction this week.

Two Rockville State School students were allegedly approached by a stranger outside the school gates on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a letter purportedly from the school, the adult - a stranger to the two students - tried to lure them into a car.

"Thankfully this did not happen and the students are safe and well," a letter delivered to parents states.

A letter circulated to parents after an attempted abduction at Rockville State School this week.
A letter circulated to parents after an attempted abduction at Rockville State School this week.

Signed by acting principal Vicky Broderick, the letter said police followed up on the reports and the school addressed safety expectations and measures, with guidance officers offering support to those students effected.

The letter warned children may need more support in coming days.

"Your child may need some support and or reassurance at this time, and it may be a good opportunity for parents to revisit safety behaviours," the letter states.

"The whole school community will continue to be vigilant regarding student safety at all times of the school day.

"This incident serves as an important opportunity to remind all students of safe practices when walking to and from school."

The Department of Education and police have been contacted for comment.