Christmas wish for competent government won't be granted

IT'S Christmas Eve and the present we thought we might be getting from the change to an Abbott government just over 100 days ago hasn't materialised. Must still be in the post.

The boats continue to come and good people drown at sea despite the machinations of Lone Ranger Morrison and his faithful companion Tonto Lt-Gen Campbell.

The carbon tax is still with us, despite pre-election promises that Abbott would simply cut through opposition from pesky Senators.

Christopher Pyne (or is that Whine?) has made a complete and utter mess of Labor's school funding program agreed to be sacrosanct, pre-election.

It has brought doubts about whether the Abbott government can be believed not only in the minds of an increasingly agitated electorate, but state governments of the same true-blue hue as Abbot's rabble.

Then there's the controversy surrounding the Rudd government's eavesdropping on Indonesian President Yudhoyono's wife's mobile phone conversations.

It's something that has made Abbott and his Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop look absolutely ineffectual, so ineffectual that they have had to turn to Coalition-friendly News Limited newspapers, predominantly the broadsheet The Australian, to prosecute their case that the move was both normal and appropriate as she is the president's right hand man.

But the crowning glory in this almanac of flip-flopping and ineptitude has been the Holden saga.

There is absolutely no doubt that Australians in general feel that the clumsy approach by Abbott and his industry minister Macfarlane was tantamount to giving General Motors no option but to quit Australia.

Then, oops, what have we done? Gee, we better try to get some programs up and running to give hope for future employment to retrenched Holden workers and probably those making components.

And call in the journos from The Australian, we need some sympathetic press.

No wonder the Coalition has fallen seriously behind Labor on a two-party preferred basis. And all I wanted for Christmas was some competent government by intelligent people.

Bah humbug. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me to you and yours.

Bob Lamont is director of Corporate Accountants in Gladstone.