Abbott reveals his daughters flew on MH17 in attack on Putin

A FRUSTRATED Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told Russia's Trade Minister that Russia cannot "wash its hands" of the MH17 tragedy and that he distrusts President Vladimir Putin's assurances it will assist an impartial investigation into the tragedy.

The shooting down of MH17 over Ukranian territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists has claimed the lives of 298 people including 28 Australians and eight permanent residents.

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Mr Abbott said he was personally touched by the tragedy because his daughters had flown on the MH17 some months ago on their way home from Europe.

"We can't let our emotions cloud our judgment but nevertheless these are wrenching times and there would hardly be an Australian who hasn't been emotionally touched by what we've seen, what we've felt over the last 48 hours or so," he said.

"You look at the faces of the dead and they're your neighbours, they're your friends, they could be your kids because let's face it, we are a people who like to travel and my own daughters flew on MH17 some months ago on their way home from Europe. So this is a tragedy which touches us deeply."