Opposition leader Tony Abbott.
Opposition leader Tony Abbott. Chris Ison

Abbott attacks Gillard Govt over super tax concession

TONY Abbott has intensified his campaign against potential superannuation tax rises for high-income earners, assuring voters their money would be ''safe with us'', while refusing to reverse changes.

The Opposition Leader's latest efforts to stoke fears about a looming ''betrayal'' of Australians with superannuation funds came as senior government minister Craig Emerson sought to limit the damage by stressing the target was tax breaks for the ''fabulously wealthy''.

Dr Emerson declared on Tuesday the federal budget could not afford to keep the current super tax concessions for ''the few at the very top end'' - ratcheting up his previous comments merely calling for a debate about the issue.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Wednesday refused to ''get involved in speculation'' on the issue of superannuation and would not be drawn on a precise definition of ''fabulously wealthy''.

''I'm not going to get into income ranges, but I will say this. We made some superannuation changes in the last budget for people who earn more than $300,000 a year and of course those superannuation changes should flow through to people like me. Precisely, absolutely,'' Ms Gillard said.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Prime Minister Julia Gillard Rob Williams

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