PHOTOS: Dianne loves her garden, almost as much as her house

Name: Dianne McKenzie

Occupation: Retired

Describe your garden? Large. And the hedging makes it look semi-formal.

How long have you been working on it? We started the garden 14 years ago and actually lived in the shed until the house was built in 2002. We designed the garden from the deck by laying the hoses out on the ground to test the shapes. We haven't stopped changing it since we got here.

Dianne McKenzie loves gardening and spends 80% of her time looking after her plants.
Dianne McKenzie loves gardening and spends 80% of her time looking after her plants. Helen Spelitis

How many different plant varieties are there? I don't know, thousands and thousands. We do have some rare plants like rare palms and a Jade Vine. That has struggled here though because it's from north Queensland.

How much time do you spend gardening? Every chance I get. Some days I do the housework but I spend 80% of my time working in the garden. I just love it. I have always gardened and at first they were small gardens, but they've always just gotten bigger and bigger. We have five acres here with one acre of garden plus the orchid with 200 fruit trees. I like to have a nice garden for other people to come and enjoy it. We've had quite a few buses stop and we actually had to turn three away this year already.

What's your favourite type of plant? I have a lot of favourite but I love my ant plant. It looks similar to mangroves and the ants live in it. I love it because it's different. My titan arum lilly is a favourite. It takes eight years to flower and has the biggest flower in the world. The bulb can weigh up to 90kg and it metres across. I have had mine for about four years, we grew it from a seed.