Why you should use roundabouts correctly

GLADSTONE driving instructor Candita Hamblin explains how to use roundabouts correctly:

ROUNDABOUTS can be very dangerous if not used correctly.

There are so many ways someone could make a mistake on a roundabout and other than not indicating correctly.

The main one I see happening over and over is when motorists turn right from the left-hand lane.

The thing about Gladstone is if you happen to be in the incorrect lane, you just move onto the next roundabout to complete your turn correctly, as there is usually another roundabout not too far away.

Ignoring the road rules and everyone's safety is never a good idea.

I like to tell my students left to left and right to right, so be in the left-hand lane to turn left or be in the right-hand lane to turn right.

If in doubt, check the arrows painted on the road at the entrance to the roundabout to make sure you are in the correct lane, and ensure whichever lane you enter the roundabout in you exit in.

Our main roads are clearly marked and are helpful to remind us of the rules.

Motorists should always follow the signs, lines and road markings to avoid any trouble.

Disobeying a traffic lane arrow in a roundabout will cost you a $91 fine as well as three demerit points.

Candita Hamblin is an instructor at Training Wheels Driver Training.