A national statistical

THE Census will be held this Tuesday night, and every household is expected to answer 61 questions for the government's records.

The census is run at state, district and area levels, employing thousands on temporary contracts.

Pam Weekes is the local district manager, with area supervisors like Kevin Rietveld reporting back to her.

Under these supervisors are teams of about eight field officers, whose responsibility it is to physically deliver the census forms by hand.

If a person rejects the census, they can be fined $180 (up from $20) daily until they submit.

The fine for submitting false or misleading information is $1800.

The area Ms Weekes covers spans from Dalby to Kingaroy, Mundubbera, Gayndah and Jandowae.

Visiting every resident in this area requires 102 field officers, all paid by the Federal Government for a period of ten days.

On the form is login number for online registration.

For many metropolitan residents, letters with logins for an online form have been provided instead of a physical form, with the aim of moving the census online in the future.

Contrary to popular belief, Australia Post has nothing to do with the delivery - the census is a self-contained survey run by the Bureau of Statistics which seeks to capture a snapshot of the national population on one night - August 9.

Field officer Kim Eggers said everybody would have their forms in time for Tuesday night.

This time the personal information collected will be kept by the Bureau for four years, as opposed to the usual 18 months.