When you think about it, Christmas is a ridiculous time

CHRISTMAS is over! Sweet relief. What an absolutely ridiculous time of year.

People moving like insane robots through supermarket aisles, doing battle in car parks, swarming the shops.

I've had enough, and I didn't even buy presents this year. Doesn't anyone feel a little bit ridiculous at Christmas?

Do you ever sit back for a second and take a moment to analyse what you're actually doing, why you're doing it and what the point is?

Running around like little slaves, desperate to splurge more cash on some completely bullshit object which will be redundant in months, just to present to someone who probably deep down couldn't care for said object half as much as they say/you think they do.

Seriously, it's a joke.

Isn't the festive season more about who you spend your time with and what you do, rather than the process of giving presents?

Give someone something these days and it either a) needs batteries, b) is sh*t or c) will be outdated by the Apple i-Sh*t 47SG 3D within a week, prompting the recipient of the gift to go out and update and therefore render your 'totes amazeballs' present useless.

As a kid, come Christmas I was stoked with a footy or a cricket bat, although I honestly don't remember anything until about the age of seven or eight, so really, I could've been given a rubber band each Christmas until then and it would've saved a lot more time and money for my folks.

Isn't the festive season more about who you spend your time with and what you do, rather than the process of giving presents?

(Sorry my future kids, there's every chance you'll be kicking cans until you're five; trust me, you're not going to sit around with old friends and reminisce about that thing you got when you were three - nobody does).

Nowadays, I'm happy to be kicking back in a pool on some inflatable device, drifting around, getting burnt to a crisp, drunk as a skunk and listening to a great playlist.

Not one part of me sits there going, 'Oh I wish I had...(insert latest useless article here) or (again)'.

Not one part of me wishes I'd bought said useless articles for anybody else.

To me Christmas is about the day, the laughs, the music, the beers (even the walk home which includes a stumbling backflip over the esky and landing on the middle of the road, probably doing long-term damage to your shoulder - it still hurts; the gift that keeps giving).

Christmas Eve and Boxing Day is all about getting tropical with your mates.

Again I reiterate, no need for presents. No need for madness in the shopping centres.

Avoid it all, relax, use the energy and money otherwise spent on buying crap for whoever, and invest it in the actual experience of Christmas. That is, the food, the drinks, the interactions with your friends and family.

While your socks and jocks drawer may be a little lighter in the New Year, you'll have a hell of a lot more fun next Christmas.

Question of the fortnight: Would you rather have an extra arm, but lose a leg, or an extra leg, but lose an arm?