WHAT A SPOT: Darryl Branthwaite loves fishing at Yellow Patch.
WHAT A SPOT: Darryl Branthwaite loves fishing at Yellow Patch. Contributed

Long-time fisherman tells all about his favourite spot

MY SPECIAL SPOT: Darryl Branthwaite has been fishing in the Gladstone region for more than 30 years.

He and his family moved to the region in 1982 from Invercargill in New Zealand.

Mr Branthwaite is a keen fisherman who has been involved in the Boyne Tannum Hookup for several years.

He is also The Observer's Top Spots columnist and has shared with us his favourite place to go fishing, crabbing and camping.

Nestled on the north end of Curtis Island is Yellow Patch, Mr Brainthwaite's secret spot.

LIVING in the Gladstone Region, we have so many choices of where to go, and places which you could call your favourite spot, from Pancake Creek watching the moon rise above a fog bank on the other side of the peninsula. 

There's also North West Island, looking through the crystal clear waters to the multi-coloured coral below, or over the pristine white fine coral sand beach of the Island. 

But maybe my favourite is Yellow Patch on the north end of Curtis Island, just around the corner from Cape Capricorn.

This spot is one of those relaxing places, where you can catch plenty of crabs, and barramundi, or you can have a whiting fishing competition, but it's one of those places where the social side of boating, and fishing, is to be enjoyed with your friends.

This spot is fully protected from the easterlies right around to the south westerly breezes. Very popular with yachties and larger boats plus the smaller ones as well.

Inside Yellow Patch you can access some of the best crabbing and barra fishing this region has to offer and

around the mouth and near the sandbars which seem to go for miles the whiting flathead and bream are plentiful.

Camping right beside the yellow sand dune though seems to attract the skeeters and they are savage.

There are beautiful sunsets over the golden sand of the dune, looking out over Keppel Bay.

You can tie all the boats together and have a big cook up of the whiting you caught earlier or maybe you are special enough to be able get a permit to camp on the beach.

Darryl's top spots:

  • Pancake Creek, for its beautiful moon rise.
  • North West Island for its crystal clear waters and white fine coral sand beach.
  • Yellow Patch at Curtis Island.