Kylie Raymond with her son Jack Photo: Contributed
Kylie Raymond with her son Jack Photo: Contributed

A gift from a stranger perfectly time on eve of surgery

JACK'S tenth birthday is one he will never forget; thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

The Yeppoon boy and his mum Kylie Raymond were at the Spinnaker on Thursday night, celebrating his birthday.

After going to the bathroom, the pair returned to a staff member telling them "a lady has left a present here".

"I thought it was a bit odd but I sat down," Kylie said.

"We went and got it and we saw the note and the money.

"I asked who it was from and the staff told us there was a lady sitting behind us that just left and wanted to leave him a gift."

But the gift was special for another reason; it was Jack's last family outing before his cochlear implant surgery today.

Jack has a rare chromosomal abnormality, so rare it has no name.

Over his decade of life, Jack has had more than five surgeries, blood tests, scans and procedures.

"He is profoundly deaf in his right ear, so he is finally having a cochlear implant," Kyle said.

"For us it is not necessarily a major surgery because he has had many, including a brain surgery... but it is a massive commitment."

Kylie said Jack wasn't born deaf, but lost his hearing at eight-years-old, with the family spending the last two years convincing specialists an implant was the right way to go.

"(This woman) wouldn't have known that, and I just wanted her to know it was so special," she said."It's been very hard for us, when we get over one hurdle another pops up.

"Nothing like that has really happened before. All of our friends and family adore him and support us, but you don't expect that from strangers."