A full moon brings some top catches in region

A nice haul of reds from Saturday’s outing with Scotty Wilson and crew.
A nice haul of reds from Saturday’s outing with Scotty Wilson and crew. Contributed

THERE is hardly anything more captivating than watching a full moon rising, through lightly scattered cloud.

This week we saw just that on Tuesday evening and, with the shimmer of light over the water, one just had to pose the question: "Why the hell aren't we out on the water fishing?"

This past weekend's weather was just spot on and many ventured out on Saturday and Sunday to take full advantage of the well-lit night sky and the fact that the fish are very active the day or two prior to the full moon itself and also for the two or three days after.

My lad Matty ventured out with his good friend Scott Wilson, Scott's Dad and Thomas Hayes.

These guys are very good fishermen and as you can see by the photo they did very well with reds, and a mix of trout, sweetlip, hussar, and others.

My plan was to maybe meet up with them, but seeing as I have the Bayliner for sale and someone wanted to have a peek at it, I decided not to go.

Then the chap postponed the viewing, don't ya hate that!

Thomas Hayes with an excellent Toolooa Bends Grunter. Photo Contributed
Thomas Hayes with an excellent Toolooa Bends Grunter. Photo Contributed Contributed

Having the boat stored at the dry boat storage for many years, it's not quite that easy just being able to plonk it in the water, and drive off out to the wild blue yonder.

Speaking of the dry boat storage, or the Old Gladstone Marine Centre, it has undergone an ownership and management change with many good things on the horizon.

Jack Bird and his business partner, Wade Leigh, have taken over the running of the operation, which is now called Port City Marine.

They plan to offer a new service with many big changes on the drawing board.

Back on the water things have been sensational, with excellent numbers of pelagics like mackerel, tuna, and GT's being landed on lures and live baits.

Areas like Douglas, Innamincka, and Guthrie Shoals, all fished well, as did the areas outside Broomfield, Sykes, Lamont and Fitzroy Reefs with good numbers of reds, trout, Maori cod and the odd pearl perch in the deep stuff.

In close, our systems are fishing well, with good numbers of bream being landed, and these are big enough to whip the fillets off rather than cook them whole.

Thomas Hayes just loves showing off his fishing prowess with this real nice grunter he caught in the Toolooa Bends.

Right along the coast there are good numbers of blue salmon and in the real dirty water the king or threadfin salmon are about in good numbers too.

There are still some excellent barra to be caught in the region and if you are friend of Johnny Mitchell's Facebook page he occasionally shares some real good advice on how to catch those barra.

Crabbing at the moment is a little hit and miss. Big tides are allowing you to get pots right up in areas which you can't normally get to.

This Sunday Sir Jim Purcell from VMR is conducting a local knowledge session for all those who are new to the region or even ones who'd like to freshen up their knowledge.

With the storm season rapidly approaching it's a good idea to gain this knowledge from such an experienced hand. Jim has been a commercial skipper cruising these waters for decades and knows every little nook and cranny to hide from a storm or at least out of the sea state.

Sunday at the VMR rooms at the Northern end of the Marina commencing at 2pm.

The weather for the weekend is15-20 knots predicted, so you might as well seriously think about attending this workshop.