NAILED IT: Reece Bukowski and Chelsea Winterbottom at their Gladstone State High School 2015 Formal. We love this look!
NAILED IT: Reece Bukowski and Chelsea Winterbottom at their Gladstone State High School 2015 Formal. We love this look! Paul Braven

Here's how to look your best at your formal this year

IF YOU are anything like I was when I was getting ready for my prom, you have already started stressing out.

There's so much to think about - the dress, the accessories, the shoes, and hair and make-up, of course.

You only get to attend your own prom once in your life, so you want to make it a memorable night.

And you want people to remember you walking down the red carpet.

Hairdresser Rex Silver, the owner of Silver Salon for more than 30 years and a man who knows what looks best, says the most important thing in prom preparation is tailoring a look to suit an individual.

Rex Silver's Garage Barber Shop and Silver Salon have been listed in the top five in their categories for the Australian Hair Industry Awards. Photo Campbell Gellie / The Observer
Rex Silver. Campbell Gellie

"The latest trends in hair, make-up and style are always changing," he said.

"At the Silver Salon, not only do we do hair and make-up based on a person's features, but we complement it to their outfit and accessories."

Mr Rex said during the prom period, some girls tend to be unsure of what look they are going for and what is best suited to them.

"With hair and make-up, some people suit a more natural look while others prefer a more intense glamorous look - and we love doing both," he said.

"But we always sit down with our customers and consult with them while they show us any photos or ideas they have for their prom look." And for the boys, don't wait until the very last day to get a haircut, Mr Silver says.

"It's really important you get a haircut or a neaten up at least 10 days before the actual prom," he said.

"This way, you don't have that too-clean, freshly cut look. Let it grow out just a little for a softer appearance.

"For boys, a new cut or hairstyle needs to be lived in for up to two weeks for it to really start suiting them."

And for the boys who can grow those impressive beards, we salute you.

But to keep your look classical and suave, it's time to shave it off.



Be kind to your skin

Try not to wear much make-up in the weeks before your prom. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise regularly.

Leave those eyebrows alone

Try to grow your eyebrows out, try not to have them plucked or waxed until days before the prom. Come into Silver Salon and we will fix them, and keep them nice and natural for you.

Be descriptive, bring images

If you want a specific look, bring in the photo where you got the idea from so we can see exactly what you want, or how we can make it suit your pictures.


LAST year we saw a lot of strong lash games, defined cheekbones and a natural looking pout.

It seemed as if girls were staying away from the glamorous look and swaying more to enhancing their features with "a less is more'' appearance in mind.

Smokey eyes and red lips were a favourite and matched with the right dress guaranteed a beauty bombshell would be walking down the red carpet.

Silver Salon's Katelyn Small said she expects prom make-up trends to be similar this year, but leaning towards the nude, natural side.

"I think this year instead of a dark smoky eye with black eye shadow we will see more of a warmer brown eye colour look," she said.

"And instead of dark pinks and reds, we'll see neutrals, brown and dusty pink lipstick shades and instead of gloss we will see more of a matte finish on the lips."

Full lashes or false lashes will also be a hit, according to Ms Small, and will pull off the best effect in photographs.
"The stronger the lash and cheekbone, the better those prom photos will come out," she said.

"Strong lashes will always be popular for prom. It's a classical and timeless look that really complements your eyes."

Ms Small said that when doing make-up it's also important to consider your hairstyle.

"With an up do we see more of a natural, less intense look but with girls who choose to have their hair down, we see more of an intense make-up look," she said.

Silver Salon works mostly with freelance make-up artists.

"We sit down with customers and show them the works of some of Gladstone's make-up artists to see what they prefer and what best suits the look they are wanting," Ms Small said.

"Everything is tailored to an individual look, so prices for a full face of make-up can vary from $50 to $100 depending on the intricacy."