A biting issue for all parents

THERE comes that time in every parent's life when they face a dreaded question - to bite or not to bite.

I don't know what it is that makes some kids biters, while some never feel the need or whim to.

Thankfully Master H, 3, fell into the later category.

He only ever clamped down on us when he was teething and clearly in a bit of pain.

We escaped ever being told our child had bitten someone else and having to deal with that shame.

But we have, unfortunately not been able to say the same for Master T, who is almost 2.

Thankfully he has not bitten another child at daycare, but I fear unless we step in now and do something to curb this behaviour we won't be able to say that for much longer.

The problem is, he seems to be getting worse at biting.

It started off as accidental bites - he would launch himself at people wide mouthed and land on their arm or cheek.

But as he is getting older, he is experimenting with using his mouth to clasp things, carry them - and bite.

He has started biting his older brother. When he is being annoyed, when he is frustrated and when he gets angry.

It seems he gets to the point where he doesn't know what else to do but bite.

And he has started trying to bite my husband and I when he doesn't get his own way.

Yelling, removing him from the situation, smacks on the hand and consequences now seem to be having little effect.

And I have been left wondering - does he knows this hurts?

Sometimes after biting he will smile, or laugh.

He is old enough now to know what hurt and ouch means, but despite us telling him that biting hurts, it is not sinking in.

So now we are at the crossroads - do we show him what it feels like when someone bites you?

I always felt this was a round-a-bout way to teach kids a lesson, but now I am beginning to see the merit in it.

Is it ok for parents to bite back to show how it feels?

This poll ended on 11 July 2015.

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Never, there are better ways


It depends on the situation


Yes, it's the quickest way


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