HAPPY: Jade Blake is quietly pleased with her results.
HAPPY: Jade Blake is quietly pleased with her results. Mike Richards GLA181217OPSC

A big weekend for graduates as OP results announced

THEY put in the hard yards and on Saturday, Year 12 graduates for 2017 across the state were able to access their results and OPs to find out whether their efforts had paid off.

Jade Blake and her classmates graduated from Toolooa State High School on November 17. After an anxious month, she was happy to receive the news she scored an OP3.

"At school every lunch break, I'd be doing my assignments instead of hanging out," she said when asked how she'd achieved such a high result.

"I still hung out, I still had a social life," she said but she noted that her social life had definitely improved now she's freed up from studying.

She's not missing getting up in the dark to study or working through the night to complete her assessments though.

Like her classmates at Toolooa, Jade was given an OP prediction by the school which was based on a combination of school marks and results in practice Queensland Core Skills tests.

"I was surprised, everyone in our grade got a little better than our predicted (scores)," Jade said.

"My predicted OP was between a six and a four - and I got a three, so I'm ecstatic," she said.

Jade said finishing school still felt "odd".

"Because you feel like you're on holidays but you're not - it's life now," she said.

Not one to sit around, Jade has been proactive about her future.

Today she has a medical with QAL for an electrical and instrumentation apprenticeship.

"I like the idea of an apprenticeship, you just get into work straight after school - you don't get paid for going to uni," she said.

If she's unsuccessful with the apprenticeship she intends to study teaching through CQUniversity's Rockhampton campus.