Wellington spreads word of jailed man’s pizza giveaway

FRIENDS of an alleged bikie ordered to spend Christmas behind bars will distribute free pizzas to the needy rather than let stock in his Nambour business go to waste.

And they have an unexpected ally in state MP Peter Wellington, who has condemned the new anti-bikie laws as "inhumane".

Paul Jeffery Landsdowne - one of three Coast men who will spend the festive season in jail under the VLAD laws - is the owner of Pizzas By Max in Nambour.

Close mate Mike Smith said he had attempted to keep the shop open after Mr Landsdowne was originally jailed, but when Mr Landsdowne was refused bail on Friday he told Mr Smith to "shut up shop".

Mr Landsdowne and fellow members of the so-called Yandina Five - Steven

Michael Smith and Joshua Shane Carew - failed with their bail applications.

Along with Scott Michael Conly and Dan Whale - who have been freed on bail - they were arrested for being together in the Yandina Hotel.

They were charged under the VLAD laws which make it illegal for alleged criminal motorcycle gang members to associate in groups of three or more.

Mr Conly and Mr Whale were released on bail but Mr Landsdowne, Mr Smith and Mr Carew will remain in solitary confinement until at least January 6.

Mr Wellington said he had been contacted by the men's friends and agreed to alert community and welfare groups about tomorrow's pizza giveaway.

Q: Would you eat free pizza being given away by an alleged associate of outlaw bikies?

This poll ended on 22 December 2014.

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Of course. It’s free pizza – who cares who’s giving it away?


Yes. I have no problem with bikies - it’s politicians I don’t like.


Maybe. I’ll have to think about that one.


No way! I hate bikies and everything they stand for.


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"These men have been in solitary confinement for over two weeks and are still wearing the clothes they had on when they were arrested.

"I wouldn't lock my dogs up in the conditions these men are experiencing."

Mr Smith said he had a special interest in the court case as Steven Smith is his son, Joshua Carew his son-in-law, Scott Conly is his stepson and Dan Whale a long-time family friend.

When Mr Landsdowne failed to get bail, he told Mr Smith to close the shop.

"It's his shop, so I have to respect his wishes but I'd already bought $2000 worth of pizza ingredients and rather than have them go to waste, we'll cook them up and give them away," he said.

"I contacted Peter Wellington because of his charity work and he agreed to spread the word for us."